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Aero-Folders, Aero-FileTypes

Aero-Folders, Aero-FileTypes

Autor: BioHaZaRDiNC
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Worked on this to create custom folders for *a few of* my most common tasks such as drawing, or ripping music/films but I certainly ended creating folders I never saw on other packages.
Never worked on something similar before, with this glass and transparency effects from Vista *bka* Longhorn, and I really enjoyed the final result.
Filetypes and folders are always best viewed over a non-plain background so let me recommend to fully customize your most used dirs 🙂

Folders sizes are 128*128, 96*96, 64*64, 48*48, 32*32, 24*24 and 16*16, both, 32 and 8 bits. Filetypes are sized the same but I removed 8 bit formats, simply because that kind of transparency effects is not supported by that quality.
Now if you're missing some icons (specially some extension icons), just ask for them, I just created the ones I mostly use. Just depends on you if I release a second distribution
Some uses for these folders:
Folder - 24.ico (Illegal Stuff to be Deleted on 24 Hours / TV Series Folder)
Folder - Complete.ico (Completed Projects)
Folder - Electric.ico (Winamp Folder)
Folder - Ethereal.ico (Temp Folder)
Folder - Lab.ico (On-the-Way Projects)
Folder - Public.ico (Documents and Settings)
Folder - Radiation.ico (Burning Folder)
PS: If anyone is wondering about the preview background, is part of the Strange World series at [link]

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