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Curaçao Icons

Curaçao Icons

Autor: kamizu
Rozmiar: 24.9 MB
Pobierz: Download

First of all, the island of Curaçao has nothing to do with this project.
Second of all, I would like to address the following issues beforehand.
If you don't like it, leave it. There will be more icons in the future. I am
very well aware that Firefox has a theme called Curaçao and I think it
sucks and doesn't do justice to the name or the image of my island.
Finally, if you have any suggestions, questions, requests, drop a note.
Now that that is out of the way.. enjoy!

Made on / Trahá riba
Important! I strictly prohibit the unauthorised redistribution of these icons, as well as making false claims on them!
Importante! Mi ta prohibí redistribushon di e icon nan aki, i tambe deklarashon di derecho falsu riba nan!
Update - 10 June: QuickTime 6 icon changed to QuickTime 7 icon.
Update - 27 June: Mac OS X version available here, by ~MakkiGui.
Update - 20 Oct: My icons finally hit the 10.000 downloads mark!
Update - 19 Nov: My icons finally hit the 10.000 views mark!

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