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Dux – First Set: Internet

Dux - First Set: Internet

Autor: BioHaZaRDiNC
Rozmiar: 515 KB
Pobierz: Download

My main objective was to create a character, similar to the penguins created by everaldo for Linux but for Windows.
There are similarities between both, they've exactly the same CI and they've problems while trying to look straight, although I never wanted to plagiarize everaldo's wonderful toon.

So here is the first set, oriented to the Internet, it includes 10 icons; sizes are 128*128, 96*96, 64*64, 48*48, 32*32, 24*24 and 16*16 32bits alpha blended plus 48*48, 32*32, 24*24 and 16*16 8bits.

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