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Hally Pack 1.1 Beta

Hally Pack 1.1 Beta

Autor: HallyMaster
Rozmiar: 1.1 MB
Pobierz: Download

Finally, after some tests on my XP SP2, I'm confident that Hally Pack deserves some public attention. It is still in beta testing phase, so it may behave improperly (especially if you want to completely uninstall it!), but, hey, nobody’s perfect! (You may manually install the icons contained in Hally.icl by using Folder Options > File Types in the Control Panel).
Before you install the pack you must carefully read the License.htm and Guide.htm files located in the folder extracted from Hally Pack 1.1 Beta.exe self-extracting archive. Let me show you excerpts from Guide.htm:
“WARNING! Hally Pack was tested and will run properly only on a Windows XP from an account with full administrative rights! The script will not bypass the restrictions set by your computer's administrator. In order for Hally Pack to work you must run it from an administrator's account! Some security applications may warn you about script actions related to Hally Pack; you must allow every action that you are warned about, otherwise, there will be errors!”
“(…) so, remember, Hally Pack's back-up is neither complete, nor 100% reliable! Please see also the disclaimer contained in the License.htm file!”
In order to deal with some misbehaviors of the script you must be quite familiar with the Windows XP Registry and other “sensitive” locations on the Windows OS. Anyway, I don’t want to scare you into not trying the setup script, but it’s my duty to warn you and not mislead you.
Having said that, I must thank my girlfriend – Cristiana -, my sister – Andra – and all my friends who supported me. I dedicate the pixel work put into Hally Pack’s cursors to luniblond, a precious DA friend of mine.
I hope you will find Hally Pack 1.1 Beta useful and you will send me your opinions/suggestions/bug reports…
Thank you!

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