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II2 Icons (.ico and .png)
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Copyright 2005 - A.J. Brutico: Bruticorp - ajbrut@suscom.net (--send comments only!)

Well, it's one hour past Valentine's Day, so how about a belated gift? Its not chocolate, but it is tasty and
less fattening! The II2 Iconset is my biggest icon endeavour -- 242 icons! There should be more than enough
to create a good Iconpackager theme! Please send me comments or questions only. If you really like these icons,
and would like to show some support, send a donation via Paypal to carlab@pol.net. Thanks to all at aero-soft,
aquasoft, and neowin for your encouragement.
You may use these icons for personal use only. They are not to be sold to third parties, or used in
endeavours for business purposes. The icons are not to be used in a icon or theme package without consent
of A.J. Brutico.
Come see more of my work at Neowin.net!

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