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Open Office Stands Alone 2006

Open Office Stands Alone 2006

Autor: osamabinloggin
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I started using a dock-style app on my Windows box, (Y'z Dock initially) and the default OpenOffice.org icons looked, well, terrible. I liked the design of them, but they were just way too low-res for any use outside of the start menu.
Take out the calculator and photoshop, and we have icons!
Document icons for each application will follow, most likely within the next week.
Also, Vista beta-testers out there: should the Vista icons be just 256x256, (like these) or 16x16...256x256?
Oh yes, all the icons in this package are in "XP format," namely 32bpp with an 8bit alpha channel.
XP or higher, maybe 2000?
I could submit a shadow-less true, 256, 16 color version if there's a demand.
Icons HERE

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