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Q’s Maxthon Icons

Q's Maxthon Icons

Autor: webtrance
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October 15th, 2005
Q's Maxthon Icons Size: 16px to 128px. ** .png format here: [link]
I've been using this browser for some time now, even when it was called My IE. I loved Firefox, but ever since I last updated Firefox, it never performed the same. Sometimes pages wouldn't display correctly and there's even a plugin to set pages to open with Internet Explorer. I'm sorry, but why use Firefox with a plugin just to open pages that only IE can view properly? Goodbye Firefox...Hello Maxthon! The tabbed browsing, mouse gestures, and general feel of this browser makes it the best there is...in my opinion of course.
My deviantART Gallery: [link]
Webtrance (aka Qx9) Webtrance@cox.net

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