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TenderDay 3 – Pack 1

TenderDay 3 - Pack 1

Autor: dpzo
Rozmiar: 85.1 KB
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Hi buddies!
I'm releasing my new version of my "so-called" classical icons; TenderDay 3. Most of the icons are completed before July, so a bit lazy and anxious so I am eager to release a "sneak peek" pack as I did like my previous series before. 😀
This time, the icon pack contains 6 icons, they're;
1. amazon parcel pack. ( you may use it to replace your ugly amazon icon 😛 )

toast. ( designed to replace default icons like nero, roxio, etc, and if you do have a usb-powered toast, i don't mind. )
3. ipod. ( ok, folks, it has been a rule for me, every set will contain an iPod icon, they may become a family later. lmao )
4. sushi. ( previously called "Monster Sushi with Mini Chopsticks", people who are in favour of asian food may like it. )
5. book. ( anything, notebook, notepad, etc. )
6. *bonus opera. ( as is required by BaStar, enjoy )
that's all the zip file contains.
have a nice day.

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