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Aire Preview Release

Aire Preview Release

Autor: gakuseisean
Rozmiar: 715 KB
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Just in time for summer, Aire is a fresh and new icon set. Using lime greens and blues, mixed with a touch of Mac, Vista and Amora influences, these icons will definitely freshen up your desktop. This preview release contains 4 randomly selected icons. I hope you would like this pack. The background used for the preview is a modified version of =ipholio's Stratos Wallpaper. Thanks for allowing me to use it 🙂
Legal Information
These icons are Copyright © and are intended only for personal desktop use. THIS SET IS STRICTLY NOT TO BE REDISTRIBUTED, AS IT IS STILL CURRENTLY BEING DELEVOPED, NEITHER CAN YOU MODIFY AND CLAIM IT AS YOUR OWN WORK. Distributing these icons commercially or with any intent for monetary gains is prohibited.
Copyright © 2006 gakuseiSean

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