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ipod dock icons various color

ipod dock icons various color

©2006-2007 ~hugosilva

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hellojust did this new png icons,i never saw ipod icons whit different colors then black or white,so i though this would be useful to some people like wanned some more colorfull ipodsrar file contents:1-red ipod1-white ipod1-black ipod1-pink ipod1-green ipod1-orange ipod1-yellow ipod1-blue ipod1-bubble mesh ipodthe files are made in corel draw and then saved for web at photoshop to make then lighter to upload.they got 200 pixels per 300 pixels in 300 dpi,cool quality for you to use in objectdock ,and make the dock as big as you want whitout loosing the quality of the icons

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  1. wow!!!nice colour. .

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