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BuufXP Universal ShellPack

BuufXP Universal ShellPack

©2007 ~nobodyuse

Autor: nobodyuse
Rozmiar: 705 KB
Pobierz: Download

BuufXP is the new CustoPack created by the TrucsenVrac.com team.
--- Presentation ---
The universal CustoPacks created with the BricoPack system by Bricomix, allow to install a pack on any version of Windows XP (32 bits), whatever the language !
Made according to the Icônes Buuf by Mattahan, this new pack will modify the appareance of WindowsXP, giving it a new look.
BuufXP modify WindowsXP in-depth, change pictures, icons, animations, cursors and the logon screen.
BuufXP includes a new Buuf theme created by Homergitude, and the wallpaper "Some clouds sun" by Mattahan.
BuufXP also includes some optional softwares to make your PC more functional et nicer.
- IColor Folder by our friend Kemenaran, small application which change the folder's color !
- LClock by RCube, a clock which replace your taskbar one by a Longhorn-like with its Buuf skin by Frackounet.
- RocketDock: Dock by the Punk! Software team and its Buuf background by Nobodyuse.
- ÜberIcon by the Punk! Software team : a small software which adds some effects on your icons when double-clicking on (very sweet result).
- Yz'Shadow by M.Yamaguchi: software which adds shadow on your windows.
- CursorXP ("Free" Version) by Stardock and its Buuf theme made by Aroche.
--- Warning ---
BuufXP is compatible with all languages and versions of WindowsXP, excepted XP 64 (X64).
--- Some shots of BuufXP ---
--- Download ---

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