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VLC Document Replacement Icons

VLC Document Replacement Icons

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Autor: God-X
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The OS X icons that come with VLC are bleh at best. These icons match other OS X icons. The zip includes: .icns, .pngs and the PSD.
To Install on OS X:
You might want to make a backup of the original icons before you replace them.
1. Find VLC and right click.
2. Select "Show Package Contents."
3. Open Contents folder.
4. Drop all the .icns into the Resources folder.
5. You will more than likely require Administrator rights at this point so enter your admin password.
6. Select Replace All.
7. Relaunch Finder and all your VLC files will have the new icons.
I would have included .ICOs for the Windows folk but I don't have a convertor. If anyone wants to, they are free to convert these to the .ico format.
Redistribute these as much as you like.

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