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Firefox Taskbar 2 Icon

Firefox Taskbar 2 Icon

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Firefox Taskbar Icon part 2 aka Vinyl Fox 🙂
Zip includes 1.ico to be used for the taskbar & 1.png to be used with Rk Launcher or Object Dock or any Dock app. for that matter. But Dj how do I install it you ask lol. Well the answer is simple...with a little thing we like to call hacking 😉
Follow these simple steps to replace the Firefox Taskbar Icon 🙂
1.Download Resource Hacker get it here [link]
2.Open Resource Hacker and go to where Firefox is located usually C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
3.Open Firefox.exe
4.Go down to Icon Group & open O & click on 1033, go to action replace icon with ico contained in the zip file.
5.Then open Icon Group 32512 & repeat Step 4
6.Then go to file & save & thats it Enjoy!

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