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Late Night Stuff

Late Night Stuff

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Late Night Stuff
Windows icons & PNGs
This is my first bunch of icons I've made from scratch. For three years, I've been collecting somebody's icons, but now I am happy to introduce some of my own. It took me several nights to create these icons, that is why, I called it the "Late Night Stuff". I use all these devices in everyday life to express my creative ideas.
You can find here:
Logitech MX Revolution
Intel Core 2 Duo
Sandisk MobileMate
Canon Pixma
Codegen 2310L
Genius KB21e
Windows icons include:
256*256 (Vista)
32-bit, each size was drawn separately.
PNGs for docks and Linux:
128*128, 32-bit
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© 2007 Va-deam's Lab
@: step-ahead@narod.ru
web: [link]
web: [link]

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