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Phoenix Glow

Phoenix Glow

©2007 ~Iceman2032

Autor: Iceman2032
Rozmiar: 85.4 KB
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While I was working on my "2Soft" ( [link] )set, I stumbled upon this rather simple design. It is very minimalistic, but it matched my desktop.
Anyhow, I have included some PNGs in this file, as well as the .psd file. Editing the .psd is extremely simple. There are only two layers, just change the text in both layers and you'll be done (I have used the font "Calibari"...arial and tahoma would well as well). While editing, if you have trouble seeing the image (as it is white on transparent background) just add a black layer underneath and delete it before saving as png. Enjoy!
EDIT: Updated the download link...sorry it wasn't working...

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