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©2007 ~GlossII

Autor: GlossII
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total 51 icon's & png's(128 x 128) + Shape shifter icon set
I acctually think I will call this icons; Others
-added folders and performed and added variouse others
- made to versions of themepark and pixadex (29.o5 -07)
Realy need a name now
I'm not happy with the themepark ans pixadex icons,
they are nice, but don't fitt the colours of the rest.
Tell me what you think.
-did a big upate,
added netwrking icons and included the Shape shifter icon set.
Working on the folder icons right now
that probably would be in the next update (23.o5 -07
- did a litle update today and add a dashboard and some drive icons (18.o5 -o7)
I need a name for this icons

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