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XP Icons

XP Icons

©2007 ~Rect0o

Autor: Rect0o
Rozmiar: 187 KB
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sooo this is my first time ever doing desktop icons...so I can't garantee it works all that well. The design isn't that original either but I think it's ok.
Includes a total of 18 icons, I'll be uploading a full version with alot more icons when I'm finished with them^^
These are here so far:
- My Computer icon
- My Networks icon
- Standard folder
- Music folder
- Documents folder
- Image folder
- Video folder
- My documents folder
- Misc icon
- Trash bin (empty)
- Trash bin (full)
- Media Player icon
- Winamp icon
- VLC icon
- MSN icon
- IE icon
- Firefox icon
- Photoshop CS2 icon
more will come soon and if there are any problems with the icons tell me so that I can try and fix it 😀

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