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Arzo Icons Vol.2

Arzo Icons Vol.2

©2007 *yingjunjiu

Autor: yingjunjiu
Rozmiar: 184 KB
Pobierz: Download

As OS icons getting more and more bigger, I found small icons are more fun to make! 😀 They are tiny but need skills to richen some subtle details. Sorta fell in love making such icons when designing Arzo Icons Vol.1 and that's why the Vol.2 is here.
This Pack contains 16 different icons and 3 formats:
.ico files size up from 16px to 32px.
.png files in standard 32px.
.png files in 48px(icon size at 32px but added some reflections).
People asked me to make larger version of Arzo icons, and I decided update them to at least real 48px when the whole set is done for IconPackager ready.
Hope you like it!
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