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Autodesk Icons

Autodesk Icons

©2007 ~reight

Autor: reight
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Well i stuffed around on this for a while.
It's not perfect but it does tie all of the Autodesk icons together. Well all bar the big A, meh.
The Image Studio Icon was the hardest to make into a tangible 3d object but i think i pulled it of ok...
PS it's the one that is smack bang in the middle, the one you can hardly see for all the white in the preview T_T doh!
Trust me it looks great unless it's over white.
Enjoy 🙂
Edit: Wahh I somehow forgot to put two of the icons in this pack when i slapped it together, namely the Auto Desk "A" and the Yellow Riveted Vault. All Fixed Now.. 😀

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