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Carbon PLUS

Carbon PLUS

©2007 *skm-industries

Autor: skm-industries
Rozmiar: 2.0 MB
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CarbonPLUS This is a bonus pack for Carbon Gloss
A set of over 20 bonus dock icons in .png format
Compatible with your Mac or PC, and virtually all dock applications that use .png files (personally, I use )
IMPORTANT!!! These are NOT system icons, they are for your DOCK. hence the category of 'dock icons'
If you download, please take the time to fav and / or comment!
These will not be released in .ico format, and I am not available to guide you through the process of using these icons.
Application abbreviations:
DSK: Show desktop
COM: Computer
NET: Network (Also: LAN)
DL: Downloads
TMP: Temp folder
PLY: Games folder
ENC: For encoders / Rippers
DOX: Documents folder
PIX: Pictures folder
CTL: Control panel
TRX: Music folder
SNC: Covers all applications to update and sync portable media device
PS3: For those of you who route media to your PS3
CPT: Corel Paint
VOX: Translation
PLY: Games folder
PMD: Portable Media Device
STY: Styler
WIN: Windows (for use as a menu)
BIN: Recycle / trash bin
DEV: I forgot what this was for... oops!
DSK: Show desktop

© 2007 D. Walker of Superevildesign
You do not have permission to re-use, alter, edit or distribute my work in any way.
Questions? Please leave a message or send me a note.

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