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Monitor Icon.

Monitor Icon.

©2007 *Uribaani

Autor: Uribaani
Rozmiar: 813 KB
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Monitor Icon.
Wanted to make a one simple icon with a psd file (unfortunetly it doesnt include the icon as a parts, becouse its for customizing the screen with wallpaper, more explained on the instructions file.) and giving people a change to customize the screen on icon with a wallpaper or a photo and etc. This might just be a preview for a bigger icon pack, who knows, hehe...See if I have enough time. Enyway, hope you like this.
-256 x 256, 128 x 128, 64 x 64, 32 x 32 px.
-PNG and ICO fileformats.
+Extra: Including a PSD file and Instructions, "how to change Icon´s monitor screen". The instructions are only for how to create a png. , but if you have knowledge how to make a ico. format, you can always make your customized icon into ico. (resize the 256 px Png first into 48 px Png. and save it and use some program to make it ico.)

Other: ©2007 Miika Ahvenjärvi (Uribaani.) Only for personal desktop use.

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