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Polar Icons

Polar Icons

©2007 ~conteXx

Autor: conteXx
Rozmiar: 1.6 MB
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Polar Icons - Unsorted
My First Icontheme ever..
Current icon count: 145 (?)
Thats the unsortet package, if u want them for ur Gnome-Desktop plz visit the following link:
Comments are welcome 😉

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  1. Hi! I’m arrived here navigating gnome-look.org; I’v found your polar theme and I think it’s a great one! But there is one big problem for me and for all the Gnome users interested in your work: the link is down! And here on your blog as well as at deviantert we can only find the unsorted package. Is possible for you to provide a solution? It would be a very very good thing!
    I’m sorry for the „instrusion” and I apoogize upfront if I have not contacted you by other ways, but I’m Italian and here is all in a language that I cannot recognize at all (what ignorance… 🙁 )

    Bye bye and thanx for you work and your attention!


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