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A World of Glass Dock Icons

A World of Glass Dock Icons

©2007 ~vista-man

Autor: vista-man
Rozmiar: 2.2 MB
Pobierz: Download

UPDATE (Oct. 12):
4 New Icons Added!
Current contents:
- 10 dock icons
- Pictures Folder
- Documents Folder
- Downloads Folder
- User Directory Folder
- PPT Filetype Icon
- DOC Filetype Icon
- XLS Filytype Icon
- PDF Filetype Icon
- Computer Icon
- Show Desktop Icon
- 1 clock background
- 1 clock gadget (many hand types available)
*NOTE* All Icons are 256x256 so they will be clear when blown up by Vista. (.ICO Versions are not included in this version.)
Coming Soon:
- More Icons
- .ICO versions of each icon for use with windows folders, files, drives, etc.
I made these during my spare time as Dock icons for my computer.
I am not nearly done - I plan to have a set of over 50 similarly themed icons when I'm done.
Here are a few I have finished so far. As I finish more, I will update this page with the new ones I create.
I encourage you to critique my work so that I can perfect the icons I have already finished and the ones I will make. Thanks for helping!

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