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project: PANDORA dock icons

project: PANDORA dock icons

©2007 ~mikebeecham

Autor: mikebeecham
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I know i've not been on dA for ages...this is partly the reason why.
This icon set started life as an idea for an Xbox Media Center skin. The skin itself never really happened to be honest, but I didnt want the icons to go to waste if someone could use them.
Please feel free to use these for personal use (desktops, etc) HOWEVER, if you intend to use these icons for a more corporate use (skins, etc) then please PM me with the request, letting me know what you want to use them for.
Also, when they are used I would appreciate a credit for the work, and a link back to my dA account.
Thanks, and I hope you guys can put them to good use.

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