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These icons are a little sample of what i´m working at this moment in terms of icons. I started them almost simultaneously for different reasons and finally find myself with not enough time to care about each one of them with the same intensity.
So, why don´t you help me to decide which one do you like the most to set up a whole set of icons based on that particular style first?
Basically and as you can see, there are three different concepts here: The i-Mac based, the Cinema display based and the Leffa purple inspired one. [ From the top to the bottom ]
Please, vote for your favorite in my poll and
help me to decide. I´m always opened to suggestions too. Thanks a lot.
12 different icons in PNG format 256x256px.
Please read the readme and enjoy the icons. Thanks for watching.
©2007 Roberto Abril Hidalgo | bobbyperux.deviantart.com

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