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MEGA Games Pack 16 1of3

MEGA Games Pack 16 1of3

©2008 ~3xhumed

Autor: 3xhumed
Rozmiar: 10.5 MB
Pobierz: Download

So we want to get started ...
Last week I had asked you what games their icons in the new package would like to have, and you have a lot of games graphics required!
It came out probably is the most comprehensive package of what I have so far created!
I have more than 25 hours and a total of 3 days worked, sometimes up to 7 hours a day! Now I am quite tired and stressed from work, I use the first day nothing else to do.
In each package are more than 80 icons, which are a whole lot, and sometimes with and sometimes without text, but I can not make any law it must also hope that I made exactly to your taste.
Among the works themselves, I can only say, it was hard work!
The problem is only one proper graphics on the Internet, and that's not easy. There is hardly any high-resolution images, mostly compressed, so useless! I have then largely fansite kits downloaded, which were not many but it has made me a little easier. Nevertheless, I had a lot of logos and graphics, or my own games below. In addition, all the graphics were actually revised and with different filters optimized.
Much fun
Package 1/3
- Age of Conan
- Armed Assault 2
- Counter-Strike
- Flatout - Ultimate Carnage
- Ghost Recon
- GRAW 2
- Highlander
- Rainbow Six - Lockdown
- Rainbow Six - Ravenshield
- Runaway 2
- Sacred 2
- SWAT 3
- SWAT 4
- Turning Point - Fall of Liberty
- United States Army (for America´s Army)
- Universe at War
- Warhound
- WoW - Wrath of the Lich King

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