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Smurfs vista icons

Smurfs vista icons

©2008 ~Iconshock

Autor: Iconshock
Rozmiar: 539 KB
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Name: Smurfs vista icons
Website name and URL : [link]
Title of your Iconset or Desktop Image : This set of icons contain the main characters of the Hanna-Barbera 1980’s cartoon series the smurfs, remember the really clumsy guy Gargamel, trying to catch Papa Smurf and his entire village. Well now you can find them in this stock full of color and designed with a glossy finished effect and a nice clean combining of bright colours and great shapes it’s certain clean style makes them stand out amongst other icons.
Number of icons in the set: 5 icons
The sizes of your desktop image(s): 256X256,128x128,48x48,32x32,24x24 and 16x16

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