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Spore Game Celular Icon 01

Spore Game Celular Icon 01

©2008 ~otas32

Autor: otas32
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Icons for your SPORE™ GAME dock icon.
I will try to create a large series of these. With some I will base myself on the game's original game glyphs, and from there create my own 3d interpretations, with others I will not try to re-invent the wheel and simply use my turn-table base used for the 3d's I created and use it in conjunction with the rendered png's of their example creatures and vehicles, supplied generously by the Spore team and creators for their fan's.
The fan kit of backgrounds, glyphs (that include Photoshop and Illustrator formats!), 3d renders of creatures, vehicles, and other cool stuff is available for free I suppose exactly for uses like the one I'm giving it. Creating free content to share with other fans of the game.
Also included in this package are the official logos, not only of the game Spore™, but also Electronic Arts™ and Maxis™ in three colors.
You can download this package btw, at their Fansite Kit Section: [link]
All logos of EA, Maxis, Windows, Apple belong to their respectiv owners.
I take no credit for the rendered creatures and vehicles, I just put them into the same visual format I use for my own versions of the glyphs in 3D.
These icons, as any other items in my Deviant Art Gallery are NOT cliparts and should not be considered free for other uses than for what they are intended. In this case, for use of your personal desktop.
Do NOT use commercially!
Please give credit when ever possible, and if you download them because you like them, have the decency to at least comment on them. It will motivate me to create more resources you can also take advantage of for your personal use, after all, I'm not getting paid for any of this.
All that said, please enjoy and be happy 😀
PNG [link]
Remember you need to right click "save as" in the PNG and ICO case so you can download the file to your computer.
Check out my other icon collections here: [link]
Don't forget to check out this great mold breaking game at: [link]

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