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HydroPRO -HP- Hardware Set

HydroPRO -HP- Hardware Set

©2008 *MediaDesign

Autor: MediaDesign
Rozmiar: 1.2 MB
Pobierz: Download

Icons are available for commercial use. My only condition is that you have to tell me if you're using them 🙂
You don't need to keep looking anymore.
IconsPedia [link] have supplied me with a license to Axialis IconWorkshop! Go and give them a hug!

Sorry guys, I know I promised a huge pack, but I saw it not getting done and all I had were these icons sitting there for a good 3 months. It will be done some time though, I promise you that. Just not any time soon..
I've been busy with other work, and school. I'm still doing icons for this guy which really takes time away from making my own icons, because when I'm in "icon mode", I'll just draw icons for him, then not bother with my own. I'm dying to show you guys some of the icons I've done for this guy, but it's not allowed 🙁

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