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Gion for IconTweaker

Gion for IconTweaker

©2008 ~JoJoMaMa

Autor: JoJoMaMa
Rozmiar: 467 KB
Pobierz: Download

- The majority of the icons in this "Gion for IconTweaker" theme are by the artist Silvestre Herrera with a limited number taken from Tango and Gnome icon sets. They were included to keep the look of the theme consistent. Quoting the artist (Silvestre Herrera) "This one won't be complete anytime in the near future, but I'm hoping to have some releases during the year"
- All Gion/Tango/Gnome icons used in this theme are licensed under the GNU General Public License
- IconTweaker can be downloaded at [link]
- The Gion artwork (PNG and SVG formats) can be downloaded from Silvestre Herrera's web site at [link]

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