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42 White Icons

42 White Icons

©2008 ~RockinRollmops

Autor: RockinRollmops
Rozmiar: 1.2 MB
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Hells yeah. Here it is, the Aperture Science Dockheld Icon Device. Just kidding. The design is supposed to resemble the style of the portal device, though. Whatever.
This is my little present for 3000 pageviews and I want to say thank you to all who contributed to this milestone of awesomeness.
Because people kept asking the last time I uploaded my icons here: Use these icons with a dock application such as Object Dock or Rocket Dock, whichever you prefer.
Here is a list of what you will get:
Age of Empires III
Bluetooth Folder
Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars (GDI, Nod, Scrin) [3x]
Command & Conquer The First Decade
Call of Duty 2 or whatever WWII game you want
eMail Client
NES Emulator
Firefox Web Browser
Half-Life 2
Adobe Illustrator CS2
Irfan View
Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance
Miranda IM
My Computer
My Documents
Neverwinter Nights (2)
Adobe Photoshop CS2
Portal [2x]
SNES Emulator [2x]
Team Fortress 2
Unreal Tournament III (or 2004 or whatever)
Unreal Tournamen Classic
Wacom Tablets
Warcraft Horde
Warcraft Alliance
And now have fun with them 🙂

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