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Adobe Style Icons + Template

Adobe Style Icons + Template

©2008 ~Zotus

Autor: Zotus
Rozmiar: 1.5 MB
Pobierz: Download

This zip file contains an icon pack completely created by me.
It contains 18 application icons in the style of Adobe's Creative Suite icons and you even get a psd template to create your own icons! Isn't that great? 😀
The size of icons and template is 512 x 512 pixels - should be big enough for everyone, shouldn't it?
You can use it in every dock you want, such as RocketDock, ObjectDock...
If you like it, please give it a fave! Would be a great pleasure for me. 😉 I'd also like it very much to hear your opinion!
Contained applications:
- Photoshop (Ps)
- Illustrator (Ai)
- Dreamweaver (Dw)
- Bridge (Br)

- Windows Media Player (Mp)
- Excel (Ex)
- Word (Wd)
- Powerpoint (Pp)
- Outlook (Ol)

- Firefox
- Thunderbird

- Apophysis (Ap)
- Deamon Tools (Dt)
- DVD Decrypter (Dc)
- DVD Shrink (Ds)
- Icq (Icq)
- TuneUp Utilities (Tu)
- VLC Media Player (Vlc)

The font I used for the icons is a Photoshop-built-in font called Myriad Pro. If you don't have it, you can buy it here:

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  1. Just what I needed, thanks !

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