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Executive Staff

Executive Staff

©2008 ~Spellhouse

Autor: Spellhouse
Rozmiar: 6.8 MB
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If you can't afford to get yourself a nice new suit or hire your own personal secretary, at least now you can dress up some of your programs with these icons!
This idea came to me one evening a few days ago, Sunday, when I noticed the little "Send Registration" tuxedo icon in my Home folder. I played around with the idea for a little while and then got a little carried away with it.
While the screen shots show the icons at 256 pixels, they actually go right on up 512. In my opinion they look the cleanest at 320 pixels and below - hey, I'm not a pro yet!
Package Contents:
- 1 Executive Staff iContainer
- 8 ICNS (512x512)
Hope you all enjoy them as much as I did making them!

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