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New Design 2008 Icons

Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Autor: kano89
Rozmiar: 5.1 MB
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After a very long and hard weeks for me, I finally finished my "New Design 2008" project! It's 15 iPhone alike icons set, made in 512x512 pixels for Mac OS X Leopard. Every icon is very special and highly detailed.
Package included ONLY CandyBar iContainer!!! Preview not included.
Here you have a full list of autors of some used .psd file and brushes in these icons set.
Sorry, but I don't remember everyone. Rest of work I made myself! 😀
Alternative Finder icon - Clouds Brushes: [link]
Bio Hazard icon - Clouds Brushes: (?)
Brain Storm icon - Some layers from: [link]
Storm brushes: ?
Mac busy cursor: ?
Apple Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger Wallpaper as a background
Mail icon - Fractal Wings: [link]
Clouds Brushes: [link]
Magic Cloud: [link]
Apple Mail Icon: ?
Matrix Console icon- 100% made by me
Mobile me icon - Mobile me logo is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.
My Desk icon - Stickers: [link]
Polaroid efect from: [link]
My Photos icon - Photo made by AR2R
Rosso swirls brushes: [link]
My Photos2 icon - Photos made by AR2R
Polaroid efect from: [link]
Wooden background from: ?
Our Home icon - Glow planet efect from: [link]
Stars brushes from: ?
RSS Feed icon - Stars brushes from: ?
Skype icon - Vector Line Brushes: [link]
Vista logo icon - Vista Flare Orb: [link]
Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Wallpaper as a background.
We building the future icon - Wallpaper: [link]
Apple logo is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.
X icon - Leopard X Layer Style: [link]
Preview: iPhone and background: [link]
Please support me by favorite and/or comment on this deviation.
Thank you for downloading. I hope you'll love it, too! 😀

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