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.Ogg icon for Leopard+iTunes 7

.Ogg icon for Leopard+iTunes 7

©2008 ~RealUnimportant

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I've been lurking on here for far longer than my user account claims, and I've benefited from the work of many talented people, so finally I've managed to come up with something to give back to the community. But first, a little history lesson!
iTunes is a very capable media player, with support for many filetypes by default, and plugins for extra content available from many sources. From 2003-2006, iTunes came with icons for 2 filetypes that it didn't natively support, .Ogg and .WMA. This meant that with a moderate amount of hacking you could get the right icon displaying for your files once you found the right plugins to support them.
When iTunes 7 was released with a new look and feel in 2006, the icons for .WMV and .Ogg were not updated to match, and instead were removed from the package after never having been used in an official capacity. However, plugins for .Ogg files still exist...
So, after following a WikiBooks guide to enable my iTunes to play .Ogg files, I decided I wanted them to be properly marked as Ogg files in Finder, and that lead to me hacking together this OGG icon from the default Generic Filetype (unlabeled) icon from iTunes.
I found the best way to install .Ogg support and this icon was first to follow the guide at Wikibooks linked above, but modify it to point at iTunes-ogg.icns instead of iTunes-mp3.icns. I then copied my freshly-minted iTunes-ogg.icns file into the iTunes package alongside all the default .icns files. You may prefer a different way of labelling your files, so alongside the .icns file is a fullsize .png file as well; presumably this could also be used under Windows, but I don't play with that so I can't be sure.
No rights reserved, as the basic icon's not my work anyway. A PhotoShop .psd is included for you to make your own filetype icons; I haven't got the font kerning 100% accurate, but it's close enough for most purposes and you can always refine it yourself if you feel the need.
I hope this proves useful to someone! :)

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