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Rainbow Dive

©2008 ~CherryBlossomSakura

Autor: CherryBlossomSakura
Rozmiar: 188 KB
Rozdzielczość: 1600×1200
Pobierz: Download

OMG!!! I'm alive!!!!! XD
I know i know it's been a long time...............................
i haven't done anything
it's been like what a year???????
anywayz i am back and this is my latest creation
simple i know
my photoshop skills have gotten a little rusty........
pretty much everything was made using pen tool
umm lets see
there are stars, rainbow, clouds , the sea and well thats it
Lets see
Layers: umm 40+
Time: 2hrs
Program: Photoshop 7.0
And i'm again sorry that i've been gone for such a long time
i hope u'll all forgive me........

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