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Tails FireFox Replacement Icon

Tails FireFox Replacement Icon

©2008 ~TailsThePrower71

Autor: TailsThePrower71
Rozmiar: 142 KB
Pobierz: Download

*Ok, I DID NOT design this icon pack. Credit must be given to Tweek at [link]
***EDIT*** You can find the download for this icon set here - [link]
I found this while searching around the net today. This is a Firefox replacement icon featuring everyone's favorite kitsune - Tails. Here is the icon in action on my MacBook Pro (and I'll put it on my MacBook Air shortly). And I changed the name of Firefox to FireKit. Yes, I am a Tails nerd. 😀
Also, this icon set was designed for Macs, not for Windows users. Sorry. However, my cousin told me that he was able to get the Tails head to work in place of the firefox icon but you can't see Tails with his tails wrapped around the globe.

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  1. My just the same thing. Original Tails from Sonic 3 final screen.

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