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Folder Replacement (Intended for OSX)
©Scott Copeland / Apathae / Nimbus Media / ...you get the idea
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One of these days I'll be cool enough to be interviewed like the other cool artists; and on that day I may finally get the word out that...
...I don't have that much to say.
P.S. Rawr?
Update ~ 5/15/2008 - I added the 512 PNG resources so that should help out anyone wanting to use them with Linux, and get everyone running Windows one step closer to using them!
P.S. To help clear up anyone's issues on how to use these after you download them. OSX is very fickle about trying to change icons manually, if you right click (control click) and "get info" it shows the icon in the corner. If you copy and paste an icon file onto that it's "supposed" to change it but I've found that 90% of the time it'll never work right. In regards to where the files need to be kept, I just have an "Icons" folder in my home directory that has them all in there. It doesn't really matter where they're at.
The simple answer I have for you is to install the program Candybar, you can try it out for free, but the full version is $29. However it's not a bad investment if you sit at your computer as much as I do. It'll let you import any icons you want, export them in other formats if you find it necessary and the interface is all drag and drop and very simple. It'll let you replace folders, drives, system icons, dock icons, and it even lets you apply dock skins if you want. Plus if you open the icontainer file I included you can just click "apply these icons" and they'll change immediately.
Here's the link: [link]
(I'd like to note now that I do not work for panic, nor am I affiliated with them in any way, but as much as I've recommended them they should give me commission!)
Hope this helps everyone out. I do get asked this every day, and I don't see this remedying that either. haha

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