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Spat-Ehh „What-ever” icon

©2008 ~Plizzo

Autor: Plizzo
Rozmiar: 1.6 MB
Pobierz: Download

This is really something that just popped up in my head some days ago and I just felt I had to make it, so here it is.
I would like to thank Toffeenut for giving me feedback and making me able to improve it. There are 5 different states of mood included for Spat-Ehh and just so you know the text on the preview on his stomach isn't there on the real icons. The icon is made in 512x512 and scales down to 128x128.
The moodstates are: Sad, Happy, Crying, Angry, Screaming
His name is pronounced: S-P-A-T-T E-E-I-Y
N'joy ;p

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