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Maji Folders


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Autor: deviantdark
Rozmiar: 5.6 MB
Pobierz: Download

subject: maji type folders
software: unknown + the GIMP
It all begun when I've found a wonderful iconset: maji by Jonas Rask.
I've found his maji iconset, full of beautiful icons, expecially the folders' ones.
Then I tried to customize them a little bit, to suite my needs.
I've coloured the base folder in 17 different gradients, and applied some new overlaying objects not present in the Jonas' versions.
Jonas Rask gave me his full permission to release my modded version.
So please feel free to use my icons for personal use.
For commercial purposes please contact me for the modded versions or Jonas for the base ones.
The icons are compressed in .zip format and have a 5.0MB weight.
You can download it clicking here.
I have also used the maji icons for my Gnome iconset, hydroxygen. You can check it out at this link.

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