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Now in Wood.


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32 icons inspired by wood-themed icons and sets by Thvg and kano89.
Wood-themed icons and sets:
Made of Wood ~by Thvg [link]
Wooden Slick Drives ~by Thvg [link]
Wooden Wall (wallpaper) ~by kano89 [link]
Wooden Finder ~by kano89 [link]
Wooden Dashboard ~by kano89 [link]
Wooden Safari ~by kano89 [link]
PS. This is my first icon set. Please understand that I didn't have the time to spend hours after hours to do finish it; but hopefully I will get the time later to actually do more of this and actually finish it. *it should not be compared to those made by kano89 and Thvg; those are way, way better.*
PPS. Yes, the icon set is quite inconsistent; I'll improve on it when I have the time.
PPS. Anywayz enjoy. Any comments welcome.
PPS. Does anyone know how to make the preview image a bit bigger?

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  1. btw I’ve released an update called Now Wooden.. (you can download it from deviantart..)

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