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Sharingan Icons Next-Gen


Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Autor: Kshegzyaj
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--- English ---
Hey !
You probably downloaded my first Sharingan Icons pack...
Here is a new version ! I tried a new style, and I made more variations : you'll find the 3 normal sharingans, and the mangekyou sharingans (Sasuke's, Kakashi's, Itachi's, Madara's and his brother's).
Available in .ico (from 16px² to 512px² ) and .png ! The 16px² and 32px² look ugly though. Actually, these sizes are supposed to be made pixel per pixel (this is why some 16px² and 32px² just look awesome). But making the patterns pixel per pixel was so hard that I finally gave up...
Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy !
Please leave a comment. Feedbacks are appreciated.
This work is under a Creative Commons License, all you have to do is to link me back and credit me if you make mods, redistributions, etc...
--- Français ---
Salut !
Vous avez déjà vu mon pack Sharingan Icons ?
Parce que, là, c'en est un autre, dans un autre style, et aussi plus complet : il y a les 3 sharingans "classiques", les mangekyou sharingans de Itachi, Kakashi, Sasuke, Madara et son frère.
Disponibles en .ico (de 16px² à 512px² ) et en .png. Par contre les 16px² et 32px² sont un peu moches...Parce que normalement, ces tailles doivent être refaites, pixel par pixel, mais j'ai eu tellement de mal à refaire les motifs, que finalement, j'ai laissé tombé...
J'espère que ça vous plaira !
Merci de dire ce que vous en pensez.
Ce pack d'icones est sous Creative Commons License, vous pouvez en faire des mods, les redistribuer, etc... Vous devez juste me backlinker et crediter.
--- ChangeLog ---
v 0.1 - April 4th 2009 : First Release
--- Credits ---
Naruto, and the others characters are property of Masashi Kishimoto. This is fanart.
--- License ---
Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License.

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