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O Sunny Day Icon Set


©2009 ~Mag1cWind0w

Autor: Mag1cWind0w
Rozmiar: 24.9 MB
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by Mag1cWind0w
Hi, dear deviants!
I'm glad to present you my second icon set, "O Sunny Day"!
After the unexpected success of my first icon set, "Lemonade At Work", and many downloads and comments of encouragement, I decided to create a new icon set using traditional technics, i.e. hand-drawn, using pencil, colorpencils, some inspiration and, of course, lots of imagination!
Because the imagination is very important for making happy, colorful, handmade icons...
What about this icon set?
After reading the comments and suggestions about my first set of icons, I've tried to improve my techniques and not repeating the errors made for "Lemonade At Work".
So, "O Sunny Day" is much more colorful, much more vivid and have much more contrast than my first icon set, which was too much pale, were sorely lacking in contrast and not colorful, which made it usable only with very bright wallpapers.
These icons are designed for the next-gen operating systems, like Windows Vista/Server 2008/7 (up to 256x256 pixels), but can be used on Windows 2000/XP too (up to 48x48 pixels only)...
A very special thanks to Raindropmemory for his very helpful suggestions and comments! Many thanks!
Your icons sets are the main source of inspiration for me!
Without you, this would have never existed!~☺
OK, my drawing skills aren't very good, but, maybe I will be better and better after making some new icons sets...
I'm currently trying to find my own technique, which is a bit complex task...
As you can see, "O Sunny Day" is made exclusively with colorpencils and pencil, with only some little modifications with Photoshop (added more contrast, more saturation and corrected some ugly colors).
I don't have any watercolors, gouaches or other paintings tools, so I use these standard tools...
I tried two different brands of colorpencils bought on the supermarket when making these icons: Reynold's (a french brand) and Boreado.
After working with these colorpencils, I prefer the Reynold's ones, which has much better colors, more vivid, and who look much more better on paper.
About the pencil, I've used a B2 pencil, nice for making bold drawings and more easy to use than a standard HB pencil...
Now, I think I will stay on this artistic style that inspires good humor, happiness and memories.
As you can see, I love vivid colors, fantasy, art inspiring happiness.
Our world is so serious... It's why I create these happy and colorful arts!
I want to thank all the people who commented, downloaded, viewed and/or added on their faves my first icon set! ^^
Of course, free to personal use only, but, if you want to use these icons for your website, forums or blog, please post a message on my profile, here: [link].
In some cases, I may take several days to answer you, but don’t worry, I will reply to your messages...
Also, I encourage you to discover and share these icons with your contacts, your friends, your family, your neighbors, on forums... With everybody !
But please do not use these icons for commercial use or profit!
Computer and tools used for this project:
- Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 @ 2,8 GHz (overclocked @ 3,1 GHz)
- 1TB HDD 7200 rpm
- 320GB external HDD 7200 rpm
- Nvidia Geforce 9600 GT 512MB
- 19" TFT display @ 1440 x 900
- Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit
- Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended Edition
- Axialis IconWorkshop 6
- B2 pencil
- Reynold's and Boreado colorpencils
- my hands ! : )

My others icons set:
- Lemonade At Work : [link]

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  1. Thanks a lot for featuring my “O Sunny Day” icon set on your website!
    I’m very glad to see this! Thanks a lot!~☺
    I hope you will like this icon set, but, remember, please do not use these icons for commercial use or profit!

    Have a very nice day! ^^

  2. Nice post,,keep posting

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