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StupidFireFox Icon Package

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Autor: holidaysnapz
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A Mac ICNS package of the excellent logo in *SilentReaper's wallpaper [link]

I couldn't pass up making it into an icon, and it looks great on the dock! Icon package goes all the way to full 512x512 resolution for Cover Flow use.

I'm quite happy with the drop shadow on this version (v2.4) but if anyone want to try again I'll upload the PSD as a scrap tomorrow.

Of course thanks to SilentReaper for Stupid Fox.

And for a PC version; head over to kovibear's version here: [link]

To install:
1. Find Firefox in application folder, right click (or control click) and select "Show Package Contents"
2. A new finder window will open with a folder called "Contents" inside. Open it and the the folder called "Resources"
3. Inside will be a file named "firefox.icns", make a copy of this file, leaving the copy in this folder is fine and you can rename it if you wish.
4. Drag the original "firefox.icns" to the trash.
5. Copy the downloaded ICNS file into the "Resources" folder and rename it to "firefox.icns"

If Firefox is kept in the dock the icon will show up after you restart.

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