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Squared Taskbar Icons Part II

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Gah, sorry it took so long!,

Part II :D. Now in full 32 x 32 glory for everyone! (Still working on porting the old one; I'll work on em as soon as I can!)


Internet Explorer
Iphone Explorer
Misc. Alts

How to use:

Simply create a shortcut of the program you wish to edit via the "Send to desktop" or "Create shortcut" action in the context menu, and right click the new shortcut and click properties. Click change icon, and choose the icon you want.

If that doesn't work, (i.e, the change icon button is grayed out), you have to locate the actual .exe in Program files, and create a shortcut from it, and then work as before.

If the icon does not change, you need to close the program you are trying to change the icon of, and unpin the current icon. Pin the new shortcut, and everything should be fine.

If you like it, please favorite :D. Also, if you have suggestions for programs you'd like in the next Pack (If there's going to be one, I feel a wallpaper stage coming ) put it in the comments, or PM me.

© V16 [ [link] ]

I used a fantastic template, but I forgot where its from. If anyone knows what deviation this looks like , please tell me, so I can give appropriate credit.

Old set here: [link]

For everyone asking: I CAN DO MAC ICONS, I just didnt feel the need for them :p . Also, I wouldnt know where to categorize them. Still, ask if you want them ported, or if you need a certain specific program.

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