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QuickAttack Player Icon

Autor: super-tuler
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So this idea came up randomly in a conversation as I was flipping through all my programs. I took one glance at quicktime and thought... "hey that's a pikachu with his tail sticking out to create the Q" and so QuickAttack Player was born xD;

\o/ totally by fluke.

Alrighty, I promise i'll do a more useful icon next time lol hope you guys like it.

.icns, .ico and .png are available for download and can be used on both Mac and Windows. How you use these icons are totally up to you, I'm simply posting them. I'm not very good at explaining so I can't help with the icon setup lol (Google is your friend 8D)

Art © *super-tuler // Pokemon © Nintendo

Icon in action [link]

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