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48px icons 4

Autor: neweravin
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New 48px icon set ready!

Thank you for your support!

Previous set:

48px || 48px 2 || 48px 3


48px icons 3

Autor: neweravin
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3rd part of icons, as you ask 🙂
Yeah, only 8 icons =\

Set 1
Set 2
Set 4

P.S. I'm sick, so I will not draw anything until get better, but I will answer and record as much as possible.

P.P.S. Now i'm fine 🙂


48px icons 2

Autor: neweravin
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Another set of 48px icons.
Previous set

Set 1
Set 3
Set 4

I don't like CCleaner icon, so if I come up with something new, be sure to add it.

Made 2 more icons for Firefox and Thunderbird.


48px icons

Autor: neweravin
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48px icons for my desktop.
First attempt and first set.

Set 2
Set 3
Set 4


Minecraft Dock Icon

Autor: TheAL
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© Icon terms of use:

You can download and use as an icon on the devices intended.
Do not use my icon(s) for anything else. That includes favicons, wallpapers, sigs, avatars, stock photos, web-site/social-site/profile graphics or backgrounds, IDs, or anything else. This is not stock material!
Do not claim, redistribute, or upload anywhere. This especially pertains to wallpaper/icon sites. Please link directly back to the individual page on DeviantArt and not just the download URL.
If you upload a desktop screen using one of my walls/icons, please link to it so others can also download it!
Thank you!


PNG: 512px, 256px
ICO: 192px <-> 32px
ICNS: 512px <-> 16px

This is technically my first icon! I made it for a friend who is an avid Minecraft player. Desktop replacement icons for such games seem to be highly desired.

I decided to make a dock icon because of the freedom with detail and quality. Most dock icons are basically just PNGs. The ico and icns packs contain the mentioned sizes, but they're really just scaled down from 512px. Apologies! As I get better with making icons I will begin to make smaller sizes independently.

Based on the original: [link]



Autor: GuillenDesign
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Icons VARIATIONS 2 , for dock (png) and windows system (ico)

55 .ico and 55 .png

Faenza original icons are of Tiheum [link]

Original image 'fox', logos 70 years,(Lódz Kusnierz) [link]

address / backup / browser crhome,explorer,firefox and opera / default icon /
desktop / deviantart / download / energy / favourites / flickr / floppy /
fonts / games / group / guitar / help / image / link / mail / messenger /
microsoft security / monitor / mouse / music / network / personalization /
player / rainmeter / rede / script / search / shield / system / transmission /
text / user / vlc / windows defender / windows explorer / windows firewall /
windows update / wordpress / zip.

The ' VARIATIONS 2' , is a creation by Guillen Design. Is a package of icons free, only for your private use, commercial use is not allowed. Thanks.

All rights reserved.

Download it and enjoy