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iPhoto ’08 UPDATED

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Autor: kano89
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All you have already know. Just another icon from me. 😀
INFO: Photo by AR2R
Lil' retouch. 😀

Take 2

Take 2

©2008 ~lharboe

Autor: sl4yerPL
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With iMovie '08, Apple decided to stop the whole clapperboard theme with their icon and make a big star instead. Some people like this new icon, while others despise it.
What if we combined these two icons together? How would it look. Well, It might look something like Take 2, a new iMovie replacement icon.
I hope you like it!
A sleeker clapperboard then iMovie '06 combined with a engraved five-pointed star.
Comes in 5 styles: Aqua, Lime, Raspberry, Gold, And Shade.
Zip file includes Icns, Folder Icons, Pngs, and iContainer.
Leopard ready: 512px.
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VLC ’08

VLC \'08

©2008 ~BlueMalboro

Autor: BlueMalboro
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| VLC '08 |
- DeviantArt: Available in Png (512)
- Dimension of Deskmod: Available in Windows (Ico) Candybar (.icontainer) and Mac (icns) [link]
©Alejandro Lopez 2006-2008| Protected by Creative Commons License: [link]

iPhoto ’08

iPhoto '08

©2008 ~Andrew-Campbell

Autor: Andrew-Campbell
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Even though I prefer to manually manage my photos, iPhoto has been in my Mac's dock since I booted it up for the first time. iLife '08 was a welcome upgrade to the iLife Application Suite, and brought a slew of new features to iPhoto, improving an already great application experience. I noticed one day, while cleaning out my computer, that the iPhoto icon seemed rather... Lacking. I thought it would look nice, if my own camera and photograph were to represent my photography collection, rather than a random icon that Apple whipped up.
After looking around, I couldn't find an iPhoto PSD file, or a PNG file with my brand of camera, so I had no choice but to make one instead. Before anyone points out the obvious, I know it's not perfect, but I didn't intend it be. I just thought that I might as well share my work with deviantART, and maybe someone else will find a use for this icon too. 🙂 564x512. Leopard Ready!
This Package Includes:
- Folder Icon for OS X.
- icns File for OS X
- ico File for Windows.
- png file for OS X/Windows.
- The Preview file you see above.
Please comment or favorite if you download!


Tactics Board

Tactics Board

©2008 ~Kobhen

Autor: Kobhen
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From 16 to 512 Pixels
enjoy it.
( for Football Manager 08 )




©2007 *Bobbyperux

Autor: Bobbyperux
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These icons are a little sample of what i´m working at this moment in terms of icons. I started them almost simultaneously for different reasons and finally find myself with not enough time to care about each one of them with the same intensity.
So, why don´t you help me to decide which one do you like the most to set up a whole set of icons based on that particular style first?
Basically and as you can see, there are three different concepts here: The i-Mac based, the Cinema display based and the Leffa purple inspired one. [ From the top to the bottom ]
Please, vote for your favorite in my poll and
help me to decide. I´m always opened to suggestions too. Thanks a lot.
12 different icons in PNG format 256x256px.
Please read the readme and enjoy the icons. Thanks for watching.
©2007 Roberto Abril Hidalgo | bobbyperux.deviantart.com


iLife, And iWork ’08 Icons

iLife, And iWork '08 Icons

©2007 ~lilredthing

Autor: lilredthing
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All the icons that are shown in the pic are included! Even includes Appleworks 6, and Aperture! Enjoy
All Rights Reserved By Apple Inc.

EA Sports 08 Icon Pack

EA Sports 08 Icon Pack

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Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Autor: SkullBoarder
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Since I noticed that many people requested icons from recent games from EA Sports, I've decided to make a pack for them. I've done all of them in a square with background because most of them were imposible to crop, since the people in the covers were partially out of the frame.
If I forgot any game, please, tell me 🙂
They are all Vista ready and includes the following sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 & 256x256(PNG Compressed) in RGBA (32 bits) & 256 (8 bits).
256x256 PNG files included for dock icons.