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32px 2009

Autor: vanGenie
Rozmiar: 244 KB
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Name of Set: 32px 2009
Icons included: 2 VHS Casettes, 2 Moitors, 2 DV Tapes, Road, 4 Wooden-framed Blueprints, Flipclock, Apple Design Award, Soup, 2 Vaults, 2 Sushis
Sizes: 32px
Formats: PNGs, iContainer
License: All Rights Reserved.
Note: This is a re-release of my old 32px icon sets "32px Set #1", "32px Set #2" and "32px Set #3".

Additional Copyright Information: ©2009-2010 by vangenie.com



2009 CS4 IcONS


©2009 *TheSaladMan

Autor: TheSaladMan
Rozmiar: 1.3 MB
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First icons for 2009, Decided I needed an update after getting CS4 Photoshop and Illustrator, so tried a few things, and put the best up here for download 🙂
Comments and +fav Very Welcome
Made in Photoshop CS4
And remember, Please +fav

DS Folder Icon 2009


©2009 ~DanStudio

Autor: DanStudio
Rozmiar: 180 KB
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My goal was to create a nice-looking glossy folder icon for Windows XP.
I did my best to make it sharp with every standart size (even 16x16px).
Your comments are welcome 🙂
p.s. this is my first DA upload ^^
I'll probably upload it in PNG images soon.
Copyright © 2009 DanStudio

2009 Christmas icon


©2008 ~kidaubis

Autor: kidaubis
Rozmiar: 147 KB
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256 X 256 PNG . inspire by iconka