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27″ iMac Icon

Autor: fisher-12
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Just a 512x512 iMac icon I made a little bit back, figured I'd release it instead of a whole icon set. Hope you enjoy!

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Mega GamesPack 27 final


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Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Autor: 3xhumed
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Hello folks!
So, after a long edit of the entire graphics I left the pack 27 and finally finished as promised at the weekend uploaded. I have until this morning at 5:00 clock still sat on the PC! All the icons as a preview image and even to pack as RAR file lasted even times 1 hour! What madness is always a work.
The most difficult was "Bloody Monkey," "Legendary," "Savage2" and a few others. Many areas had to add picture and much retouching, stronger and sharper colors, or make me think something completely themselves, as in "Bloody Monkey."
Some icons of the game, I have more than 1 hours worked per Icon! Pooh ...
All your questions, I could not, of course, implement, let's see what I have for the next Pack can do.
But first, I will not make game icons, but instead I will now turn to the software package concentrate.
The Rar file now has a completely revised Readme, hope you enjoy it.
So concludes the first for today, your Exhumed